Mary & Martha

M&M is a casual yet intentional gathering of women inspired by a vision to love and empower the women of our church community. We want to establish a safe space that welcomes and honors honesty and vulnerability while revisiting the concept of fellowship around food.

We want to stir hearts and spark change as we build trust among sisters, strengthen the Body, and tap into the rich assets of our community.

It’s by women, for women - a kingdom investment.


M&M was created out of one sister's desire to connect her and her friends to the wisdom and mentorship of the older sisters at church. So she hosted a dinner gathering for her friends and invited an older sister to share her professional, spiritual and personal growth experiences. It was meant to be a one-off discipleship hangout. It was a huge hit, and the friends wanted more. That's how M&M was born.

We named the series "Mary & Martha" because we want to bridge the divide between work/performance-oriented women and the call for us to sit at Jesus's feet.

We want to encourage our sisters to become a blend of Mary & Martha, really affirming their Martha (work/achievement) side while simultaneously affirming their Mary (just being, simply interacting) side. Essentially, we want to model and become "Mary's on a mission".


#1 Jane Oak
#2 Laura Izumikawa
#3 Hanna Oh
#4 Hanna Lee
#5 Esther Woo
#6 Jane Oak (Collegiate Edition)


#7 Kelly Yoon
#8 Jane Guzman De Leon
#9 January Lim (Joint Cell Edition)
#10 Hanna Lee (Collegiate Edition)
#11 Bobbie Hawkins
#12 Nebula Gu Halseth
#13 Grace Cho
#14 Angeline Kim
#15 Tina Bae


#16 Queena Kim
#17 Sharon Park
#18 Joy Lee
#19 Hanna Oh
#20 Stacy Na Aguilar
#21 Bobbie Hawkins
#22 Jene Robin
#23 Christina Liao
#24 Tiffany Kwong


#25 Grace Park
#26 Esther Yang
#27 Dahyun Son
#28 Stephanie Na
#29 Sophie Um
#30 Christine Su
#31 Gina Lee
#32 Sol Pang
#33 Jenny Wong Kim
#34 Eunice Rhee


#35 Angelina Kim
#36 Becky Lee
#37 TBA
#38 TBA


First-come, first served
Priority given to first-time attendees (80% of capacity)

Wait lists available


How long are the gatherings?
Lunch gatherings are 11a to 2:30p.
Dinner gatherings are 5:30p to 9p.

How about virtual gatherings?
Morning sessions are 10a to 12p.

Where are the gatherings?
M&M gatherings are hosted by Tapestry sisters who open up their homes. Previous M&Ms have been held in Glendale, Monrovia, Porter Ranch, South Pasadena, DTLA and Koreatown.
Virtual ones will be on Zoom.

What's a typical schedule of an M&M gathering?
We start each gathering with a meal together. We kick off with an icebreaker, then we dive into a time of hearing the featured speaker give a testimonial story about her life. The gathering continues as the speaker and her hand-selected panel serves an open Q&A with the guests. We wrap up as the guests and panel members break out into mini groups for more intimate discussions and prayer ministry.

Do I have to be a member of Tapestry to attend?
Yes, you must be a member of Tapestry. If you are not a Tapestry member and wish to attend an M&M, you must be invited by an M&M coordinator or speaker as a special guest.

Can I attend parts of the event? Can I come late or leave early?
No. Each M&M agenda item is important and builds on what happened previously. If you cannot attend for the full duration, please refrain from submitting an RSVP and attend on a date without a schedule conflict.

How do you choose the speakers?
We wanted to leverage testimonies born from the experience of age to encourage younger sisters to fully live into their identities while also fully engaging in the activity of God around them. We invite older sisters from Tapestry who we feel are strong examples of women who embrace both the "being" and the "doing". The speaker then chooses her own panelists who have a heart to support younger sisters in their journeys, and who are ready to do prayer ministry for attendees.

How can I get involved ?
We are always looking for host homes, coordinators, moderators, and meal chiefs for each gathering. We’ll start you out as a shadow for whichever role you’re interested in (except host) so that you can be trained before you serve. Please contact us to get started!

Can men attend?
At the moment, M&M gatherings are gender-specific. We have women’s M&M gatherings and men’s M&M gatherings. Please contact us for more information about men’s M&M gatherings.


Please reach out for any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback.

Women's: [email protected]
Men's: [email protected]